- customizable checkout forms & receipts

- payment links & qr codes

Make payments as easy as one click!

QorCommerce generates a unique cliq-to-pay™ link or QR Code that can be texted, emailed or embedded in your platform, allowing customers to complete their checkout process on a customized web page that’s as easy as one-click.

No logins necessary, no apps to download. Just click and pay.

Pay invoice via text message
vault icon

tokenization & recurring payments

Store payment data securely

Leverage our Secure Vault and tokenization APIs to reduce your PCI and HIPAA compliance scope and store your customers’ payment data securely. 

Now your customers can access stored payment data for subscriptions, payment plans or any future transactions. 


Card Present Acceptance

Customizable terminal apps that fit any business

Our cloud-based terminal support solution allows software companies to integrate card present transactions with a single-line of code. Customers can make payments with EMV and NFC (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc…) - simply tap and go.

split payouts

Payout to multiple vendors and still receive your residuals directly to your bank account

With split payouts through the QorCommerce platform you can set customized payouts specific to your business model: pay a vendor… pay an operating account… your choice. 

Plus, you will receive your share of residuals directly into your bank account weeks earlier, enhancing your cashflow instantly.

split payouts

flexible fee structures

Customizable pricing to fit any business model

Our platform is designed to allow you to set your fee structure any way you want. Whether that’s Interchange Plus, Flat Rate, or adding a surcharge or convenience fee, The QorCommerce platofrm puts you in full control of your payments pricing strategy.

level 2 & 3 payments

Qualify for lower Interchange Rates

For qualified Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions, We collect and transmit the additional information necessary to help you qualify for lower interchange rates. This will lower processing rates by as much as one percent, increasing your payment margins.
lower processing fees

Ready to experience the QorPay difference?

Take full advantage of the benefits of payment facilitation, without the headache, regulatory compliance, or liability of becoming a fully registered payment facilitator.

Looking to become a referral partner?

If you’re an ISO, financial institution, or an agent looking to offer Payment Facilitation-as-a-Service to your ISV clients — we’d love to connect! Email partners@qorpay.com with your name, phone number, and a brief note and our experienced staff will reach out to discuss your opportunity.