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Payment Facilitation-as-a-Service

QorPay's Payment Facilitation-as-a-Service (PFaaS) allows software companies to benefit from becoming a PayFac without the headache, upfront investment or ongoing overhead. All while capturing a signifcant revenue stream.

payments as a revenue stream

Industry leading revenue shares

With Payment Facilitation-as-a-Service, as your processing volume increases the residuals you earn will increase your margins, improve your valuation and create a positive, recurring revenue stream for your organization.

fast and friendly implementation

Easy-to-use APIs & AppBloqs™

Our end-to-end platform allows software companies to take advantage of the benefits of payment facilitation. You will not be patching things together or spending too many months integrating. Get going right away with, and we can adapt our offerings to fit your specific pricing model, sales approach and business strategy.

the merchant experience - done right!

Instant and automated merchant onboarding process

Unlike the traditional industry referral partnerships, there are no paper applications or manual sign-ups that can take days or weeks to complete. 

With Payment Facilitation-as-a-Service, your customers get a seamless / frictionless signup process so they can start accepting payments immediately.

QorCommerce payments platform, onboarding

mitigated liability & risk

You’re an expert in your field.
Let us be the experts in ours - for you!

Take full advantage of the benefits of payment facilitation, without the headaches, regulatory compliance, or liabilities of becoming a fully registered payment facilitator.
dispute management

AML & KYC Compliance

fraud management

Fraud Management

dispute management

Dispute Mitigation & Management

Ready to experience the QorPay difference?

Take full advantage of the benefits of payment facilitation, without the headache, regulatory compliance, or liability of becoming a fully registered payment facilitator.

Looking to become a referral partner?

If you’re an ISO, financial institution, or an agent looking to offer Payment Facilitation-as-a-Service to your ISV clients — we’d love to connect! Email with your name, phone number, and a brief note and our experienced staff will reach out to discuss your opportunity.